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December 2016  

Presidentís Message - Alex Kor, DPM, MS
"Swan Lake or swan song... It is all good!"

Presidentís Message - Alex Kor, DPM, MS

During the month of December, many of us are reflective on the year that concludes on the 31st. We are all grateful for our jobs, family, health and friends. Conversely, we all may use this past year’s experiences to better our practice (to be more productive), and better our self (to be a better person). Regardless of your particular situation, on behalf of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, I would like to wish you (and yours) a happy holiday season!

As is the case at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC, there will also be a changing of the guard at the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine. On January 20th, 2017, in Washington, DC, the newly elected President of the United States will be inaugurated. Unfortunately, the AAPSM does not have such a big “shindig”. Rather, as the clock strikes midnight on Dec. 31st, 2016, I will no longer be your President. Dr. Amol Saxena will assume the reins of the AAPSM. In addition, Dr. Howard Osterman will replace the immediate Past President, Dr. David Jenkins, on the Board. I would like to personally thank Dr. Jenkins for his mentorship and help over the last year. In addition, you, as Associates and the Fellows of the AAPSM, will be most impressed with the leadership and direction of the Academy in the coming year.

As many political pundits may analyze the last 8 years of the current President, I am sure that Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer and Bill O’Reilly may scrutinize the 12 months of my AAPSM Administration. Nonetheless, it has been an honor to serve as your President. It has been a humbling and rewarding experience, and one that I will always cherish, and recall fondly.

In summary, as many Presidents ride off into the sunset and begin their swan song, they plan on writing a book, building a library and/or starting a humanitarian project. Well, I would like to announce that I have no current plans to do any of the above in 2017, and will maintain my position on the AAPSM Board (as the Past President), promote podiatric sports medicine and practice podiatry. But, maybe in the distant future, you might see a book on your local bookstore shelves written by another Kor.

American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine & the German Association for Foot & Ankle Surgery Meeting in Munich a Success!

Foot and Ankle Conference - Munich, Germany

The American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, along with the German Association for Foot & Ankle Surgery, once again presented an outstanding meeting held December 2-3 in Munich, Germany. This year’s meeting featured AAPSM members Dr.’s Amol Saxena, John Grady, Lou Galli and Todd O’Brien (Dr. Saxena’s first Fellow). US attendees ranged in age from 32-82, and from Maine to Hawaii. The meeting was also attended by Japanese Orthopedic surgeons and a Czech Neurologist, who changed his focus to podiatry. A special workshop on ESWT and a new technology called “EMTT” was conducted by Prof. Ludger Gerdesmeyer. Dr. Saxena also spoke on Achilles Tendinopathy in the main session of the German Association of Foot & Ankle Surgery along with John Visser.

Foot and Ankle Conference - Munich, Germany

Pictured (L to R) - Hans Gollwitzer, MD, DPMs Stan Zusman, Todd O.Brien, Amol Saxena, Warren BeVard, Andrew Yun, Lou Galli, Mirek Harvrdova, MD, Ludger Gerdesmeyer, MD, & John Grady, DPM

Set for March!

Don't forget to register for the Master's Ankle Tendon Course March 11 & 12, 2017 in Palo Alto, California. There are only 20 spots, and they are currently available exclusively to AAPSM & GFFC (German Association for Foot & Ankle Surgery) members UNTIL January 11, 2017. After that, any interested foot & ankle surgeon can register. This will be a once in a lifetime experience, featuring some of the world's tendon experts from surgery to rehab. To register contact Amol Saxena, DPM at NOTE: Registration eligibility for surgeons must be confirmed with Dr. Saxena by emailing him at (DO NOT book flights/hotel until you receive confirmation).

Western University

in Conjunction with the American Academy of Podiatric
Sports Medicine and Geselleschaft für Fusschirurgie
(German Assoc for Foot & Ankle Surg)

March 11-12, 2017

Surgecenter of Palo Alto, PAMF, 795 El Camino Real,
Level A, Palo Alto CA, USA

Sat Mar 11 Cadaver Lab:
Tendon repair, transfers, Minimally invasive techniques
(repair of Achilles, Peronei, Post Tib, Tib Ant and Extensors)

Parallel course for PTs with procedure viewing

Sun Mar 12: Joint sessions (Drs & PTs) Rehab, regeneration and research on Tendons including Shockwave,
ultrasound eval, PRP, AlterG™, etc

Program Details to Follow

12 CME applied for: $US 850 for Surgeons,
$450 for current Fellows in Training

Continue reading >>
Registration Form >>

Dr. Reiner Becomes Certified Track & Field Official

Melinda Reiner, DPM

Melinda Reiner, DPM, CES, RRCA-C, an AAPSM fellow, recently became certified as a track & field official in New York State. Dr. Reiner will also be traveling down to Birmingham, Alabama, in June, to compete in the National Senior Games at 800 meters. She qualified to compete after winning the Empire State Games this past year.

Dr. Reiner became inspired to become an official from her high school track coach, Tom McTaggart, who has worked as a starter at every Olympic Games since 1984, and was recently inducted into the National Track & Field Hall of Fame, as both an official and a coach.

AAPSM Past President Richard Blake, DPM, Publishes Book

Secrets to Keep Moving: A Guide from a Podiatrist

Richard Blake, DPM, AAPSM Past President, has just finished his book on sports medicine and foot, ankle, and lower leg conditions. The title is “Secrets to Keep Moving: A Guide from a Podiatrist”. Dr. Blake points out that is what we all are all trying to do, keep moving, and staying vertical of course. The ebook is out now on Amazon.

Buy the book online at

Members in the News

AAPSM Past President Discusses 3-Step Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis

AAPSM Past President Dr. Stephen Pribut, says that the main goal of all products targeting plantar fasciitis should be to reduce the amount of bending at the heel and arch to help give your plantar fascia a break so it can heal. That’s what supportive sandals do, and what compression sleeves and socks may also help with.

Dr. Stephen Pribut

Dr. Stephen Pribut

Of course, some of the best things an athlete can do to alleviate plantar fasciitis pain are free. Dr. Pribut often prescribes athletes toe curls with a towel—curling up the towel for 20 seconds per foot—as well as gentle calf stretches done one to two times per day when your muscles are warmed up. For many athletes, combining these exercises with compression gear and supportive footwear may turn out to be the ultimate three-step attack plan to address plantar fasciitis as soon as it starts.

AAPSM Associate Coordinates Charity Event

Dr. Michael Levi with LA Clippers Assistant Coach Mike Woodson

Dr. Michael Levi with LA Clippers
Assistant Coach Mike Woodson

Dr. Michael Levi, an AAPSM Associate from California, has been the team podiatrist for the L.A Clippers for the past six years and has coordinated having players and coaches speak to “Chai Lifeline”, a Jewish charity that helps children who are suffering from severe cancers. LA Clippers basketball Assistant Coach Mike Woodson recently spoke at their charity event. Coach Woodson spoke to the children who received autographs and Clipper paraphernalia. Coach Woodson spoke about never giving up whatever the odds are. 

AAPSM Fellow Discusses Why Foot Pain and Poor Footwear are Risk Factors for Falls

Dr. Doug Milch

Dr. Doug Milch

AAPSM Fellow Doug Milch, DPM, says, "Foot pain and poor footwear are risks factors for falls. If an older individual has foot pain, they should see a podiatrist to see if the condition can be alleviated. Treatment may not have to be complicated. It may be as simple as a shoe insert, padding, or reduction of a callus. Inappropriate shoes that may not fit well, or that have a sole that is too slick or that grabs may lead to tripping."

According to the Center for Disease Control, falls are the leading cause of injury, death and hospital trauma admissions among older adults. One out of five falls cause serious injury. Each year, 2.8 million older people are treated in emergency departments for fall injuries and over 800,000 of them are hospitalized. Most of those hospitalized are due to head trauma or hip fracture. If a person is on a blood thinner and has head trauma, they need to see their doctor right away, as they can sustain a brain bleed which can be fatal. 

AAPSM Past President Rob Conenello, DPM, Recommends Viewing this You Tube Video

Rob Conenello, DPM

Save the Date - September 14-17, 2017

Save the Date for Chicago, Illinois

The American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine is pleased to announce that plans are underway to participate with the Illinois Podiatric Medical Association for another spectacular conference. Dates currently being considered are Thursday, September 14 – Sunday, September 17, 2017 at a location to be determined in the Chicago area.  Please continue to watch for these e-newsletter blasts along with visiting our website at for additional updates on our 4th annual stand alone meeting.

Dates to Remember

January 18-22, 2017

Florida Podiatric Medical Association SAM Meeting
AAPSM Sports Medicine Track

Saturday, January 21 7:30AM-12 noon
Orlando Hilton
Orlando, Florida
Additional information: 
Karen Lambert

March 11-12, 2017

Ankle Tendinopathy Master's Course
In Conjunction with the AAPSM & German Assoc. for Foot & Ankle Surgery
Surgecenter of Palo Alto, PAMF, 795 El Camino Real, Level A
Palo Alto, CA
>> Details

April 27-30, 2017

Midwest Podiatry Conference
Hyatt Regency Chicago

June 26-29, 2017

National Athletic Trainers Association Annual Conference
Houston, Texas

July 27-30, 2017

American Podiatric Medical Association National Meeting
Nashville, Tennessee

September 14-17, 2017

AAPSM Stand Alone Meeting
Plans are underway to participate with the Illinois Podiatric Medical Association for another spectacular conference.
Dates currently being considered are Thursday, September 14 - Sunday, September 17, 2017. Location to be determined in the Chicago area. Please watch for e-newsletter blasts along with our website for updates on our 4th annual stand alone meeting.

2016 APMA Young Physicians Institute

2016 APMA Young Physicians Institute

By: Alicia Canzanese, DPM, ATC

As a recent residency graduate and American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM) Member, I recently attended the APMA Young Physicians Institute (YPI) with support from the AAPSM and the Pennsylvania Podiatric Medical Association (PPMA)...

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AAPSM Fellows Participate
in TRE

The Running Event (TRE) is the biggest running retailer event, with thousands of running retailers meeting for four days of lectures. American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM) Fellows Drs. Rob Conenello, Matt Werd and Brian Fullem recently presented an hour-long lecture titled "Dealing with running injuries at the fitting stool."

(L-R) Drs. Rob Conenello, Matt Werd, and Brian Fullem

(L-R) Drs. Rob Conenello, Matt Werd, and Brian Fullem

The talk was standing room only and highlighted some of the common running injuries that running store employees see in runners, and when to refer them to the local sports podiatrist. The event was held in Orlando, Florida this year, and will return to its usual location in Austin, Texas next year.

Dr. Rob Conenello (L) and Mark Cucuzzella (R)

Dr.’s Rob Conenello and Mark Cucuzzella gave a talk at The Running Event titled "Running Injuries, Still Undefeated". Dr. Cucuzzella is a primary care Physician in West Virginia who treats runners and gears his practice towards helping people be healthier through exercise. Dr. Conenello is a Past President of the AAPSM practicing in Orangeburg, NY. The two sports experts spoke about how to improve the function of the foot and leg and run injury free. Dr. Conenello and Dr. Cucuzzella has lectured the past two years at the AAPSM stand alone meeting.

AAPSM to Feature Sports Medicine Track at SAM

Sunday, January 22, 2017
Orlando, Florida

7:30 am – 7:35 am
Matt Werd, DPM, FAAPSM

7:35 am – 8:15 am
Importance of Core Strengthening
to the Lower Extremity
Brian Fullem, DPM, FAAPSM

8:15 am – 8:45 am                
Achilles’ Tendon Rupture Non-Operative Treatment
Joe Agostinelli, DPM, FAAPSM

8:45 am – 9:15 am
Sports Medicine Update 2017: Technologies, Trends &
Athletic Shoes
Matt Werd, DPM, FAAPSM

9:15 am – 9:30 am
Q&A and Panelist Pearls
Drs. Fullem, Agostinelli, and Werd

9:30 am – 10:00 am
Swimming:  The Complete Athlete
Cary Zinkin, DPM, FAAPSM

10:00 am – 10:30 am
Lower Extremity Martial Arts Injuries
Edward Fazekas, DPM, FAAPSM

10:30 am – 11:00 am
Beyond the Female Triad, Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport
Clint Laird, DPM, FAAPSM

11:00 am – 11:15 am
Q&A and Panelist Pearls
Drs. Zinkin, Fazekas, and Laird

Authors Needed for Sports Medicine Issue of Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery

Under the direction of Amol Saxena, DPM, members of the AAPSM are invited to submit manuscripts (original research, case studies, current literature updates, etc. -- topics can include bunion surgery in athletes, outcomes of rehab of lateral ankle sprains, efficiency of shockwave for plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy, medial tibial periostitis, PRP, Tenex, etc.) for a special Sports Medicine Issue of the Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery to be published in 2017.

Please use this link for the guidelines for authors for the sports medicine issue.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Dr. Saxena directly at Articles must be completed and submitted by February 1, 2017 to be included.

Special Olympics Update

Special Olympics Florida Honors Marc Coladuce, DPM

Pictured (L to R): Special Olympics Florida Sr. VP Health and Athlete Leadership Nancy Sawyer; Marc Coladuce, DPM; SOFL Healthy Athletes Manager Jennifer Miller

Pictured (L to R): Special Olympics Florida Sr. VP Health and Athlete Leadership Nancy Sawyer; Marc Coladuce, DPM; SOFL Healthy Athletes Manager Jennifer Miller

Special Olympics Florida named AAPSM Associate Marc Coladuce, DPM, its first Golisano Health Leadership Award Honoree. 

(Pictured L to R) Special Olympics Florida CEO Sherrie Wheelock and Marc Colaluce, DPM

(Pictured L to R) Special Olympics Florida CEO Sherrie Wheelock and Marc Colaluce, DPM

>> View press release

Welcome New Members

The American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine would like to welcome the following new members who have recently joined the AAPSM:

Susan Schneidermesser, DPM
Brooklyn, New York

Ambrose Su, DPM
Bend, Oregon

Jennifer N. Falk, DPM
San Diego, California

Eliezer Eisenberger, DPM
New York, New York

Louis DeCaro, DPM
West Hatfield, Massachusetts

Rob Schergen, DPM*
St. Louis, Missouri

Alison Young, DPM*
Chicago, Illinois

Honorary Members:
Ludger Gerdesmeyer, MD
Markus Walther, MD
Kai Olms, MD
Ralph Springfeld, MD
Nicola Maffulli, MD

*resident member

Welcome Student Members

The American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine would like to welcome the following new student members who have recently joined the AAPSM:

John DiMarco

Fellows: Please Note!

Attention AAPSM Fellows:

In a recent review of our AAPSM Bylaws, the AAPSM Executive Board would like to notify current AAPSM Fellows that, effective immediately, the Academy will be once again be requiring and monitoring the requirement to maintain Fellow status in the AAPSM.

The current AAPSM Bylaws, which are available for review on the members-only section of our website, state the following:


4.6.1   Candidates successfully completing the Fellowship examination are granted a Fellow certificate, which is presented to the new Fellow upon meeting all requirements.

4.6.2   A Fellowship plaque is awarded to new Fellows.

4.6.3   The certificate and plaque shall remain the property of the Academy and shall be subject to recall if the recipient is no longer a member in good standing.

4.6.4   A Fellow must attend one (1) or more Academy sponsored meetings, The Stand Alone and/or special events (e.g. Special Olympic events, etc.) once in five (5) years to retain Fellowship status. Special events must be pre-approved by the board.

The AAPSM sponsored meetings that would meet the criteria would be our AAPSM Stand Alone Meeting; the Munich, Germany conference; Florida Podiatric Medical Association/SAM Meeting; Ankle Tendon Master Course – Palo Alto, CA; and Mid-West Podiatry Conference.

If you have any questions concerning your status, please contact Rita Yates at

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Mission Statement

The American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine serves to advance the understanding, prevention and management of lower extremity sports and fitness injuries. We believe that providing such knowledge to the profession and the public will optimize enjoyment and safe participation in sports and fitness activities. We will accomplish this mission through professional education, scientific research, public awareness and membership support.

Pay Dues Online!

The AAPSM is pleased to once again offer members the opportunity to renew their membership online.

AAPSM members are able to renew their membership by visiting the AAPSM website at and follow the link. It’s a quick and easy way to pay your dues and stay informed! Major credit cards along with PayPal are accepted.

For additional information, please feel free to contact AAPSM Executive Director, Rita Yates, at

Also, it is imperative that, if you would like to receive electronic correspondence from the AAPSM (enewsletter, updates, etc.), you provide an updated e-mail address.

Past Presidents

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  • David Davidson, DPM
  • Karen Langone, DPM
  • James Yakel, DPM
  • Robert M. Conenello, DPM
  • Paul R. Langer, DPM
  • David Jenkins, DPM

AAPSM Executive Board

Alex Kor, DPM
1635 North Water Street
Suite 524
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 955-7225

Amol Saxena, DPM 
Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group 
Dept. of Sports Medicine 
3rd Floor Clark Building 
795 El Camino Real 
Palo Alto, CA 94301 
Office: (650) 853-2943
Fax: (650) 853-6094

Maggie Fournier, DPM
1754 Snowflake Place
Onalaska, WI 54650
(608) 797-6010

R. Clint Laird, DPM
18735 Murdock Circle, Suite B
Port Charlotte, FL 33948
(941) 624-6300

Immediate Past President:
David Jenkins, DPM
Midwestern University
19555 North 59th Avenue
Glendale, AZ  85308
(623) 572-3457

Executive Director:
Rita J. Yates
3121 NE 26th Street
Ocala, FL  34470
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