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Footwear - Training Shoes aka Cross-Trainers

Training shoes are a category of footwear designed to provide protection for a variety of fitness activities.  They are kind-of a hybrid of a running shoe and a court shoe.  This class of footwear is suitable for general weightlifting, a variety of fitness classes, some casual sport participation, PE/Gym Class, and overall use at the health/fitness club.  Training shoes provide cushioning, shock absorption, and varying levels of stability devices to protect the feet and ankles.  Training shoes are the jack-of-all-trades so they work well in a variety of activities but if you participate in one particular sport such as running or basketball, more than 2 times per week then you should have a sport-specific shoe.
Cross Training shoe considerations include:

  • Designed for multi-directional movement.
  • Not designed for running more than 1 mile**
  • Compared to running shoes:
    • Less of a rearfoot and forefoot rocker, flatter sole
    • Overall less cushioned outsole and midsole
      • But still has cushioning in the forefoot
    • Stronger and more durable material and therefore slightly heavier
    • Outsole:  more rubbery for grip
    • Typically tend to be a lower heel to toe offset
  • Midsole slightly flared/built up medially and laterally for stability for cutting and shifting side to side
  • Soles are wider and tend to expand beyond the width of the upper part of the shoe  (But not as much as a court sport shoe does.)

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