About Us - Past Presidents

Joseph Agostinelli, DPM
James Ratcliff, DPM
Howard Osterman, DPM
Maggie Fournier, DPM
Amol Saxena, DPM
Alex Kor, DPM
David Jenkins, DPM
Paul Langer, DPM
Robert M. Conenello, DPM
James D. Yakel, DPM
Karen Langone, DPM
David M. Davidson, DPM
Bruce Williams, DPM
Matthew B. Werd, DPM
Timothy G. Dutra, DPM
Steve Pribut, DPM

Robert M. Barnes, DPM
Richard S. Gilbert, DPM
John W. Pagliano, DPM
Steven I. Subotnick, DPM
Harry F. Hlavac, DPM
Edward J. Kent, DPM
Raymond E. Stidd, DPM
Gary M. Gordon, DPM
Jeffrey F. Yale, DPM
Michael W. Heaslet, DPM
Paul M. Taylor, DPM
William L. Van Pelt, DPM
Lloyd Smith, DPM
Richard L. Blake, DPM

Roy B. Corbin, DPM
Mark E. Julsrud, DPM
Jeffrey A. Ross, DPM
Thomas E. Shonka, DPM
Michael K. Lowe, DPM
Phyllis A. Ragley, DPM, JD
William Olson, DPM
Richard Bouché, DPM
Perry H. Julien, DPM
Patrick J. Nunan, DPM
James M. Losito, DPM
Douglas H. Richie, Jr., DPM
Gary L. Rippberger, DPM

The American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine acknowledges the debt owed to the service provided by the Past Presidents and the inspiration they have provided to the members to be contributors to the community of sports medicine and athletics.

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