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As AAPSM Podiatrists we are often asked the question, “Is it ok to wear the same shoes for different activities” or “Can’t I just wear my running Shoes  for everything?”

It is important to note that different types of shoes have different characteristics that help support and protect your foot during specific motions and activities.  While running shoes are great for running and walking activities, they aren’t made for all activities.  Running shoes are Designed for heel-to-toe movement, propelling your body forward.  With running you are hitting the ground with 3-5x your bodyweight so running shoes are built to be shock absorbent for repetitive stress.  Running Shoes are NOT designed for side-to-side movement, pivoting, or spinning motions.  In comparison to shoes design to play tennis.  Tennis Shoes are designed for side-to-side motions to protect your feet and ankles from rolling sideways.  Tennis shoes are not designed for propelling you forward and would not make a good running shoe.  Each type of shoes has its own unique characteristics.

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