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Footwear - Walking Shoes

These shoes of course are designed for fitness walking and general everyday walking.  Many fitness walkers will often ask, “Is it OK to walk in a running shoe?”  The answer to that question is, yes!  You can walk in a running shoe, but you should not run in a walking shoe.  As running shoes are designed for repetitive motion and propelling your body forward with lightweight cushioning and shock absorption, they can make good walking shoes as well.  Some walkers who tend to walk at a swifter pace will prefer a running shoe as they have a much more light-weight and breathable feel. 

Comparing Walking versus Running Shoes:

  • Similar design for similar demands with Heel to toe motion but walking shoes are designed for less impact
  • Walking shoes tend to be a bit stiffer in midsole/outsole
  • They don’t need to be as light and breathable
  • Will similarly be divided into Neutral and Stability models
  • Typically designed more for comfort than for performance

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