2020 AAPSM Stand Alone Meeting

October 9 - 11, 2020

Fairmont Olympic Hotel
Seattle, Washington

Additional information to come
Details:  Paula Rowbury at rowburp.iags@gmail.com

AAPSM Stand Alone Meeting Testimonials

"The best thing about the Stand Alone meeting, is getting a variety of experts, not just podiatrists, but international MDs and their treatments for many common sports injuries."

- Jim Ratcliff, DPM

"When I flew to NY to attend the Stand Alone at the famous West Point, little did I know that was the spring board to change my professional life! I was practicing for many years and treated athletes, but largely had a general podiatry practice. I had been a team podiatrist for a local Division 1 University in the Atlanta area, but something was lacking. After attending West Point, and then Portland, and doing a lot of researching articles and making contacts from the Stand Alone, things started to make sense. I learned that it is not only treating the symptoms of the athlete, which as doctors we tend to make our focus, but it is understanding the journey of how the patient got into your office and how can you make changes to prevent the injury from returning. For example, a runner comes to you with plantar fasciitis . From attending the past four Stand Alone meetings, I learned that you need to question the patient from how many miles they run a week, has there been a sudden increase in mileage, what is the mileage on their running shoes, inspect the running shoes for wear pattern, take the patient outside and do a run evaluation, are they over striding, are they getting their arms back far enough to get their hips moving which will engage their glutes, can they pass a simple one legged balance test, do they warmup with static or dynamic stretching, what is their cool down stretching like, do they do strength training during the week? These are many of the factors that I have learned from attending the Stand Alone that go into my wheelhouse now when I see an athlete.

I have started a new Sports Medicine practice called Atlanta Sports Podiatry and all of my patients get a run evaluation and I spend a lot of time asking questions and educating them on how it is important to look at shoes, help change running from if they are making key mistakes that will make them prone to repeat the same or different injuries in the future. We discuss strength training to make sure they are strong in their core and glutes and give them things they can do at home without a gym membership. We treat their present symptoms and make them feel that they have a safety net with us not only as a Sports Medicine Podiatrist, but also as a mentor. I give my patients my cell phone and email address and they know they can contact me at any time, and they never abuse this privilege. I could not be where I am now if it were not for the Stand Alone meetings and the friends and contacts I have made, who have given me great advice over the years! "

- Jay Spector, DPM

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